Led by Phillip A. Bock, the attorneys at Bock Law Firm, LLC d/b/a Bock Hatch & Oppenheim, LLC have more than 100 years of litigation experience. We’ve spent most of that time litigating class actions on behalf of consumers, employees, and small businesses.

We are competent, prompt, and diligent litigators.

We are dedicated to applying the highest level of skill, improving the law and the legal profession, and exemplifying the legal profession’s ideals of public service. We understand that we are officers of the legal system and have a special responsibility for the quality of justice.

We perform various functions for our clients:

  • We are advocates who zealously assert the client’s position within the adversary system of our courts.
  • We are negotiators who seek a favorable result consistent with requirements of honest dealings with others.
  • We are advisors who provide our clients with an informed understanding of the client’s legal rights and obligations and explain their practical implications.

Our attorneys are licensed in Illinois, Florida, Hawaii, Michigan, and New York. We spend most of our time litigating class actions in federal courts in Illinois and Florida, but we also work with licensed local attorneys in many other states. Courts have certified classes in hundreds of our cases. We have successfully obtained class-wide judgments through summary judgment briefing or trial. We have negotiated settlements making hundreds of millions of dollars available to class members.

Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate any legal claim that may be a viable class action claim.

Over the years, we have successfully litigated class actions under:

  • various state and federal consumer protection laws;
  • various overtime and minimum wage laws;
  • the Telephone Consumer Protection Act regarding the transmission of junk faxes, unwanted robo/telemarketing calls, and unwanted text messages;
  • various breach of contract theories;
  • the common law of unjust enrichment; and many other legal claims.

Additionally, we have extensive experience litigating against insurance companies that have denied coverage to their insureds, negatively effecting class members we represent or are seeking to represent.

Finally, we have handled class action trials in state and federal courts.

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